NOW OPEN!! VIP Seating & Reserved Parking Package

Prefer to sit on the field or have a smaller group? Our VIP Seating & Reserved Parking packages go on sale right after the Skybox Auction closes on April 16th.

Check it out on

NOW CLOSED --- Graduation Skybox Auction

Congratulations to our winner!

Imagine arriving to TVHS graduation a few minutes before it begins, without the struggle for parking, a long line to get in, or jockeying for a bleacher bench for you and your family...

This auction solves these dreaded pre-graduation hassles...

Not only is this auction an incredible value and VIP experience, funds raised benefit the student body of Temecula Valley High School. The Golden Bear Foundation supports "parent support groups" (aka "boosters") across the campus as well as raises funds for several scholarships each year.

We're hosting the auction on, which automates everything.

Click here to watch the auction or place a bid.

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